2012 Sponsors List As of 12-27-11:
Mickey Thompson is the world leader in Slick and Drag Radial Tire Technology.   Visit www.mickeythompsontires.com for more info.
Visit www.wiseco.com for info on all they can offer for your performance needs in any motorsport.
We use the "Pro Series" with great results under extreme abuse.  Visit www.lunaticams.com for more info.
Special thanks to Tony McPeters at Southern Paint and Graphics for the wicked paint scheme.  Call Tony for any paint work you may need from Motorcycles to Drag Cars.  828-208-4481
Click on the logo to visit these companies web sites
Joining us as a sponsor for 2012 is the World leader in fuel technology.  VP Racing fuel is some of the best that money can buy, and the last place anyone should cut any corners.  Click on the picture to visit VP's website, or click contact us for information on a dealer near you.
This page was last updated: November 25, 2012
Please visit moretraction.com or click on the above pic to learn more about Shannon Davis and his insanely cool traction technology.  It is the best move you can make for testing with your car.  Even if you can't run it on race day, the data is priceless!!  Thanks again Shannon! 828-645-1505.
Brad Edwards Racing
Asheville, NC
2007 and 2008 
 PTRA TopStreet Champion

2 Time 1320X Outlaw Radial Winner

 588CID Twin 94mm Turbos, Stock Suspension, and 10" Tires...No Wheelie Bars

4.291 @ 184.8mph 3290lbs Garrett GTX94mm Turbos and Mickey Thompson 315 Radials 

4.?? @ 176mph 3205lbs GTX 94mm Turbos and Mickey Thompson 28x10.5 Slicks

Current GT4788 Radial World Record Holder 4.48 @ 173 1/8 mile and 6.74 @ 217 1/4 mile 

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Torque Converter Services
AMF Racing is extremely happy to announce our 2012 partnership with Cameron at Torque Converter Services in Columbia, SC.  We have used his converter with unbelievable success in the past year, running some of the fastest times on radials and slicks that we have ever done.  His product and quality are second to only one thing...his support and customer service.  One of the nicest and most knowledgeable people you will ever talk to, he is one of the best assets to our team for 2010.  Call Cameron at 803-754-8139
Contact Jay or Matt for more information on the DataMaxx System that we use. 800-870-8383   
Aeromotive Inc.
We use the Aeromotive 11105 belt drive fuel pump in conjunction with the Aeromotive 13113 Fuel Regulator.  The simple addition of this regulator has provided us the most comprehensive fuel pressure control that we have ever seen.  No longer are we "chasing the tune" due to fuel pressure fluctuations. Click either picture below to visit their website to learn more, or contact them at (913) 647-7300
The best in the business of Forged rods is now partnered with AMF Racing for the remainder of the 2010 racing season.  We use the 426 forgings for our twin turbo monster.  The rods are rated at 3500 hp for 100+ passes.  Find another company that will tell you that.  Call Dane at (775)887-1299 for more info, or click the picture below to go to their website.
Without the help of these people listed on this page, we could not do this at the level we do.  If you buy products that these people make, and you're not buying it from them, you need to stop and think.  Who supports the racers that keep this going, who will be there for me when I need them, and who do the racers use.  We use them FIRST because their products are the best that money can buy, and SECOND because we have developed a working relationship/partnership with them. Please support these companies, and feel free to come to us at any race and ask any questions about their products.
Photos/Videos updated on 12-16-11
Contact Dave Zimmerman for all your suspension needs.  734-946-7223 or visit www.teamzmotorsports.net
Brad Edwards Racing welcomes MACFAB onboard for 2012!    When you get work done on the one part that holds your tire to your wheel, you want to use the best.  One quick talk with Tommy or Jason, and it's clear that MACFAB is at the top of the game.  Pics of our wheels will be available soon!   Contact Tommy at 919-704-6400 or click the logo for direct access to their website at www.beadlockconversions.com

AMF Racing welcomes Manley onboard for 2011!  We have been testing with Manleys newest valvesprings in the last part of 2010 with great success.  We are proud to partner with them for the new season and will be testing new products from them as the year progresses.  Contact Jesse at Manley at (732) 905-3366 or click the logo for direct access to their website:
AMF Racing welcomes Scott Rod Fabrications onboard for 2011!  Scott was instrumental in doing some of the tin work in our new 25.3 Cobra.  We will now be running his custom door panels, and select other parts to make the new car look cleaner and better.  Click the logo for direct access to their website or Call Scott at 419-704-2686
We would like to welcome Varishock on board for the 2011 Season.  These are some of the nicest and lightest weight shocks we have ever had.  The attention to quality here is easy to see.  For more information contact Nick at: 916-388-0288 or go to www.cachassisworks.com
Be sure to contact Jason with VP Race Fuels about their killer traction compound.  The baddest tracks in the country are using it, why aren't you?  Click the picture to read more.

This is a video that GRS Motorsports put together that shows the ole girl gettin it done back in November 2011 at MIR Imports Vs Domestic.  This pass reset all records that have ever been with GT4788 Turbos on a Radial Car.
We are very excited to announce that we will be working with Todd Berry at Berry Motorsports in the development and testing of several new parts this season.  We already have an intake elbow from him that is just plain sick.  We are awaiting the arrival of a new intercooler, and have plans to test with a complete intake later in the year.  Click the banner to visit their website www.berrymotorsports.net. 
Sponsor Update 12-27-2011:  Brad Edwards Racing Welcomes Turbo By Garrett as a sponsor for 2012:
We are very excited to announce that we have formed a Partnership with the industry leader in Turbocharging Technology.  Don't ever forget, that all turbo companies start with a Garrett product, then try to make it their own.  We are running their new GTX Series Turbos this season and are already completely shocked the power that they produce.  Click the picture to visit www.turbobygarrett.com
Team Z Motorsports 25.3 NHRA Chassis 97 Cobra:
A few pictures of the new paint from PRO 1 Paint and Body in Leicester NC....